Would love to see some enhancements to subcase functionality. I have this on my list a while and is based on 8.0.56 but I don't think the status of any of this has changed since (please advise if I'm incorrect)
* Since one can dynamically create multiple subcases it should be possible to impact the overall parent case Due Date based on the due dates of the subcases
* The same allocation rules that are possible for actions of a case, though available, they do not appear to work for actions of a subcase.
The following points would greatly help to limit potential mistakes a user can make and thus reduce support and training needs ...
* Ability to configure a tighter flow between subcases/parent cases e.g. Prevent users from creating subcases until certain points in the parent cases. At the moment sub cases can be created at the beginning of the parent case and this is not always desirable from a process perspective.
* Ability for us to configure restrictions on what sub cases a user can create dependent on the content of the parent care e.g. if a parent case was for particular context values then we should be able to configure that we don't want to give users the ability to create subcases with different context values. So when created the subcases the context values would be pre-populated and disabled to the user
* Ability to prevent users from creating subcases as parent cases i.e. have the ability to configure subcases as being such and configure that their creation is only possible from within certain case types etc