Few things that could be made simpler from a user perspective.
1) Tickets and Actions are assigned when someone is working on them. Cases can be assigned but can also remain unassigned even if someone is working on their component actions. This inconsistency becomes evident in MI when you see a mix of assigned/unassigned cases .... it does not give an accurate picture to managers assessing team workload ... if actions of a case are assigned and being worked on then it could make sense that the case be auto assigned (to whom would need to be determined).
2) Work items can be "owned" and this terminology can be misinterpreted … it’s not really “own” in the sense that an agent in the Business might own/look after a particular, say New Business case. Instead it is like a hibernation assignment for various reasons e.g. while something is on Pause or has been split or has had a case created from it … Could the description "own" be revised to be more meaningful and easily understood?
3) It is possible to assign an owned item to a user (either manually or auto assignment) and when this happens then the item can appear in both the user's inbox and owned work inbox. Work items in this scenario also appear in a “No Queue” queue visible to users. This causes a lot of confusion for our users. Can this be looked at?