Currently there is no prevention on users adding department email addresses as contacts, that are Enate monitored email addresses (i.e. Department email addresses that are in the connectors/routings). When this occurs and auto responses are generated the ticket enters a hung state (i.e. broken) and requires action in the monitor to resolve it. If this is not spotted straight away, this could mean work does not reach the desired location which could in turn cause us huge financial losses if it was a dealing instruction for example.
On the other side of this, if you have multiple companies set up as separate customers and restricted data access… some users may not know that the department they are emailing are currently live on Enate as well. This means the email to that department would bounce back into their ticket and not reach the other company department. Which again, could cause financial loss if the user does not realise why the ticket reopened and just closes straight away.
I understand that there may be functionality that will assist with this in the 2021.2 release. However, it is still reliant on users using the system in the correct way, so we still want to prevent users from doing this full stop.
Requested change suggestions:
1. Validation to be implemented on the ‘adding a contact’ functionality to prevent the user from adding an email address that is set up in the connectors/routings. Might be required that this validation only comes into play if the connector/routing is currently enabled. This validation should warn the user of the reason and suggest that they assign the ticket to that company/service line or create a linked ticket to communicate with that department.
2. To have an area where we can input the email addresses into a list similar to the blocked auto response/reject list. I.e. a contact blocked list.