We are planning to build improved notification on the platform to cater to a lot of use case as below -
  1. New Information (Email/Notes) on the work item
  2. Work item assigned by the system
  3. Work item reassigned
  4. Due Date reminders for case/ticket/action
  5. Action rejected
  6. Action unable to complete
  7. Robot is suspended
  8. Robot is offline
  9. Work item due date notification 'before due date'
  10. Queue items Overdue
  11. Case - waiting for attention state
  12. Peer Review Failure and Passed
  13. Ticket resolution email to the contact of the ticket.
  14. Session timeout
and of course, all these will be offered in all the languages enate supports. These should be configurable by ops users in the work manager.
It'll be a while until we get to full events supported in the platform, but we'd love to know which events our users care about most. Please let us know if you need any other triggers as well?