Can we get more information on the syntax of how to specify subject lines in routing rules. Can we get the below issue I experienced included in documentation as well as any other tips?
Examples: is it possible to specify that the keywords can only be at the start/end of the subject line? Specify keywords are case sensitive etc
We are looking to put in a routing rule so that emails that have the following in their subject will route to specific location:
FW: 01
01 4
01 9
01 -
I have set this up in the routing rule as:
FW: 01;01 4;01 9;01 -;
I have tested this and created a ticket in live mode for each subject and they are correctly routing. However I also then sent in tickets with subjects "01 3", "013827439" and these are routing to the same place as above rule instead of going to the other fall off routing rule that I have.
Can you assist please - is the syntax "FW: 01;01 4;01 9;01 -;" correct?
Hi Elaine,
The syntax used in this particular routing rule ends with the semi-colon(;) hence it considers a blank entity after it, and since it has a higher priority than the second routing rule... therefore the tickets are getting created under that same category irrespective of any subject line.
Correct Syntax: "FW: 01;01 4;01 9;01 -"
Hence, the semi-colon needs to be removed from the end to make it function as per the required behavior.
Rajnandinee Gokhe