2020.1 Updated Preview
Work Manager
2020.1.6.0 released on Thursday, 9th July 2020.
New Features
  1. Email Content management is now performed within Builder.
  2. Email Content can now be defined in multiple languages for the same Email.
  3. Integration with Abbyy Flexicapture.
  4. Automatically prompt users to create External Contacts for unknown email addresses.
  5. How a Work Item started is captured along with who started it (when started by a User). This information is available in numerous grids, Work Item information card and the Warehouse database for reporting.
  1. Security Enhancement: Enate Username, Session ID, Live/Test Mode, GUI and Session Validity can optionally be included in IIS Logs.
  2. In Builder highlight to users if 1 or more Email Connectors are offline.
  3. Users are warning if the Custom Data on a Work Item they are working on have been changed by another User since they opened the Work Item.
  4. When Actions are started as part of Case Rework they will auto-assign to the User that previously did the Action.
  5. When starting Case Rework Users can select which Sub Cases and Ad-Hoc Actions are Terminated and are shown a list of the Actions which must be Terminated.
  6. When starting Case Rework Users can choose a specific Action within a Step to being the rework from.
  7. Feedback to features released in Preview 1 (2020.1.2.0)