2020.1 Preview
Work Manager
2020.1.2.0 released on Friday 29th May 2020
New Features
  1. A condition can be included at the start of a Step in Builder to decide which Actions start.
  2. System-wide configuration parameter (available in Builder) to choose if users must enter a note or send an email when resolving a Ticket.
  3. System-wide configuration parameter (available in Builder) to choose if users see the Time Tracker. Time on task information is still recorded and is available in Management Reporting.
  4. The supplier of a Contract can now be changed within the Edit Contract screen of Builder (if multiple suppliers have been configured in the system). This change will affect the Management Reporting for all historic and running work items.
  5. Users can now rename and delete Queues from Builder.
  6. Unprocessed emails can be marked as "acknowledged" in Enate Monitor to hide them from view. The user that acknowledged them and when is recorded. Acknowledged emails can optionally be shown.
  7. The ability to set live a Case or Ticket configuration in Builder is now explicit permission. Users who previously had the Process Builder permission will have this permission granted upon upgrade.
  8. The Files of a Work Item can be tagged to identify them to other users, digital technologies and automated Actions (such as OCR).
  9. Due Dates can now be moved to the end of the day. For example, if system returns the due date as 14:30 but you would like to move it to the end of your day which 17:00 as per you working calendar then you can use this option. In the absence of a working calendar, the system will move the time to 23:59.
  10. A new Due Date Method allows the value to be retrieved from a Custom Data field.
  11. Actions can be cut, copied and pasted in Builder. Cutting or copying an Action includes all the chained Actions and it copies all the configuration except local checklist
  1. During peer-review, users can now edit the Record Count, Files and data on custom cards. Except for editing doer Checklist they can edit the Record Count, Files, Contact, Defects, and data on custom cards
  2. While an email is sending from a Work Item the submit and send buttons are disabled to avoid accidentally sending the email multiple times.
  3. After manually editing the current time-on-task value on a work item a new row is shown to count the time from that moment on. This change was introduced to avoid user confusion when they record 5 minutes manually but the system might record 5:05 due to the time it takes them to submit the work after editing the time-on-task. Now it will be recorded as 2 records; 1 record is manually set at 5 minutes and another record will automatically record the additional 5 seconds the item is on-screen.
  4. Custom Cards now execute in Angular 9.1.3 (previously 8.2.14). Customers developing advanced custom cards should review the changelog of Angular 9 ( for changes that may affect their custom code.
  5. While a file is uploading the submit and email send buttons are disabled.